EMU India Agro Pvt. Ltd.® is a 7-year old company with a reputation for supplying top quality emu breeders to prospective farmers. Promoted by Mr Suresh Kumar and Mr Nagakumar, Emu India is the biggest emu farming company in India with branches in seven states - Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Chandigarh & Punjab-Haryana.

              Set up over 7 years ago, we presently have over 5000 breeding adult birds and supply chicks to new farms being set up all over the country. In addition, we also provide consultancy for setting up new emu farms, giving guidance to farmers on emu bird rearing, etc. We have helped hundreds of farmers set up emu rearing facilities all over the country.

             We also have the ONLY licensed emu slaughter house in India. The company has therefore started selling meat (raw and cooked meat) and is launching various products based on emu oil, like shampoo, medicated oil, soap, etc. all over India.

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